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Do you want to put a little sizzle into your barbecue repertoire? We’ve asked two of New Brunswick’s best chefs for their grilling tips. Peter Diveto is the chef at Fredericton’s stylish The Blue Door Restaurant and Bar and Andrew Stevens is the chef at Moncton’s Little Louis' Fine Cuisine.

Occasions: What makes a perfect grilled steak?

Chef Peter: First and foremost choose a cut with nice marbling. Remember the golden rule is “fat is flavour.” Second, it’s the cooking technique. Lightly salt the cut before it hits the grill, this pulls some of the juices to the surface to give the steak great colour and flavour. Cook the steak on high for the first two flips then cut the heat a bit and grill to doneness.

Chef Andrew: It’s all about the quality of the product.
I opt for a piece of grass fed rib eye cooked over a mixed hardwood charcoal grill. Remember: don’t use lighter fluid to start it.

Occasions: As a chef, do you have any secret tips on how to transform simple grilled fare into a flavour experience?

Chef Peter: Personally when I want to mix up my steaks I use natural tenderizers like papaya, kiwi, ginger or fig. They give tons of flavour and aid caramelization without using chemicals.

Chef Andrew: If you use fantastic product, I believe a little salt, pepper and lemon juice is all you need to bring out the best in your beef.

Occasions: How do you get out of the barbecue routine?

Chef Peter: Take a walk through the supermarket. Look around for something that inspires you and challenges you and then throw it on a grill.

Chef Andrew: I use my barbecue for cooking everything in the summer from bacon and eggs to roasts and vegetables.

Occasions: Do you have any favourite beverages
to serve at an outdoor event?

Chef Peter: My summer time drink is without a doubt Corona, but a nice rosé like La Vielle Ferme from Southern France is fantastic as well.

Chef Andrew: I'm partial to Asian lagers as they go well with grilled foods.

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